Did you know your arms helps you move, walk, and run faster?

AllHealth.news / Health & Fitness: Did you know — your arms helps you move, walk, and run faster According to fitness reports gathered, “your speed when walking comes from your arms“.

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Physical Activity: Picture of a female athlete running

If you’d like to experiment this speed test, follow the tips below…

Hold your arms at a comfortable level, bent at the elbow, and swing them backwards and forwards as you walk. Swing them faster and you’ll automatically speed up. And all this movement tones your arms, shoulders and upper back.

And on the importance of walking or going for a walk:

A good walk can help strengthen and shape your legs; giving great definition to calves, quads and hamstrings. But if you really pay attention to your posture as you walk, it can also tone your abs and whittle your waist, too.

You may also want to know that, walking or running; also stimulates and strengthens bones, increasing their density – really important, especially for women. It also helps maintain healthy joints — preventing conditions such as arthritis.

Now you know, that – your arms helps you move, walk, and run faster! 🏃🏃

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