Dermatologists say Marijuana Improves Skin Conditions If Not Smoked

ALLHEALTH.NEWS — If you are reading this, you probably already know Marijuana has lots of health benefits. But did you also know that medicating Marijuana is good for maintaining good looking skin and improving skin conditions?

Marijuana Plant Picture

Picture of a Marijuana Plant

Two New York-based dermatologists have revealed an important benefit Cannabis offer for the skin, and why Marijuana improves skin conditions if not smoked.

In an interview with two New York-based dermatologists, The Huffington Post uncovered an important aspect of marijuana’s effect on the skin and the revelations are shockingly true.

It turns out that, marijuana’s medicinal ingredients are not only useful in treating certain skin conditions, but also offer the potential to make skin look younger. Dr. Bobby Buka and Dr. Ariel Ostad explain that chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids (CBD), are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

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Medicating marijuana for health benefits, not smoking it

Combusted Smoking vs Vaporizing

Combusted Smoking vs Vaporizing

Like red wine, Dr. Buka says moderate marijuana use could be good for the skin. But the key to harnessing these benefits is how you consume marijuana.

“The delivery system is really critical… Even a bong would be preferable (to smoking a joint).”

Obviously, smoking marijuana, like smoking cigarettes; has a negative impact on your skin, potentially countering the herb’s anti-aging properties and leading your skin to age faster rather than slower.

This is because, combusting marijuana releases a similar amount of carcinogens when smoking cigarettes.

While THC may offer some protection from the harmful by-products of smoke, Dr. Buka warns that the net effect of smoking a joint can still be a decrease in collagen production — leading to older-looking skin.

Dermatologist Buka also warns that smoking marijuana can exacerbate skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea.

Vaporizers, which heat marijuana to a lower temperature than smoking joints or bongs, are probably the best way of overcoming these drawbacks. Bongs are believed to filter some of the harmful by-products of smoke, and is considered a better choice for those without a vaporizer.

Study: Effects of Smoking in Twins

The twin on the left has smoked cigarettes 17 years longer than the twin on the right. (Photo: ASPS)

Topical Use of Marijuana for Skin

When it comes to medical use of marijuana, topical preparations are another way of avoiding the potential damage that smoke does to the skin.

Dr. Ostad believes that marijuana could offer other skin benefits that are independent of how you consume it. He explains that marijuana’s ability to make you feel better can actually have a positive impact on skin health too.

“Those THC receptors actually can lead to increased production of neurotransmitters that make us feel better, like serotonin.”

Dr. Buka adds that just being able to reduce stress can help with certain skin conditions. And, in his experience, people who use marijuana are “by and large a mellower group of patients.”

In conclusion, consuming edible marijuana products or using a vaporizer helps to avoid the carcinogenic combustion of marijuana smoking.

Beautiful Marijuana Pictures

Beautiful Marijuana Picture

The next time you are in the process of using marijuana, how are you going to consume it?

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