Infographic on how stress is killing you

Infographic on how stress is killing you, is presented on All Health News. The stress infographic which was released few years ago, clearly illustrates some alarming U.S stress statistics.

The stress statistics also revealed stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human disease.

We’ve provided the infographic below, followed by concluding statements by the team. You too can share your thoughts and opinion about stress, on our website.

Stress is Killing You Infographic

Stress is Killing You

Interestingly, the U.S stress statistics revealed that work stress causes 10% of strokes in people living in the U.S. The average time-off from work in a single calendar year in America, is only 10 work days and 8 national holidays. Meanwhile, in European countries like France, employees get 7 weeks off in a calendar year.

Based on the aforementioned alone, why won’t stress be high in America? However, the most important question to ponder upon is, how do we get around or avoid stress in our daily lives?

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